Track Session – 6 May 2009

Now that you’ve touched the track again, we’ll do something a little more challenging than 100m strides but still targeted at quick legs for that next 5K on the race calendar. After a good 10 minute warmup, hit the track for 200m intervals. This should be half-way around the track running either from one corner to the opposite corner or from the beginning of the straightaway to the start of the straightaway on the other side of the track. Run your 200m fast sections at about 10-15 seconds per mile faster than your 5K race pace. Recovery should be a light to moderate jog of at least 200m. If you’d like to float your intervals around the track, rest for 300-400m and start your next interval at the opposite side of the track. Make sure you have an almost complete recovery. We’ll shorten the recovery periods as we progress through the summer but for now, you’ll want to be fresh for the next pickup. Remember – if you run the first intervals too fast, your last ones will be slowing down and will be less effective training than if you start a little slower and progressively speed up. Make your last 200 the fastest of the series. Then turn around and run a nice 10 minute cooldown.


Warmup: 10 minutes, include arm circles, reaches and upper body warmup as well as running

Beginner session: 8 x 200m x 300m @ your 5K pace

Advanced session: 12 x 200m x 200m @ 5K race pace – 15s

Cooldown: 10 minutes followed by some basic running drills – butt kicks, high knees, skipping, heel slides – no more than 100m each

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