Grand Prix Team Challenge

Extra! This year’s Winter Grand Prix series will feature a team challenge. The rules are simple: Teams must have a minimum of 3 people to score. Write a team name next to your name on the signup sheet when you register on race morning. If at least two other people write down the same team […]


We’ve had some of the best link pages related to running, multisport and related topics for many years but visits were slow and there wasn’t a good way to alert visitors to new links … until now! Announcing our new link pages! Our bookmarks are now published on Diigo and propagated to Simpy and Delicious. […]

Are You Up To The Challenge?

The USA Triathlon National Club Challenge begins on December 1st.  That’s a little less than two weeks away.  Can you put the club on top this year?  December is swim month, January is focused on biking, and February is running month.  In order to participate, you’ll need to 1) make sure that you’re a paid […]

The Commonwealth Triathlon Series for 2009

On Thursday, Bill Burnett, race director of the Cohasset Triathlon, announced the creation of the Commonwealth Triathlon Series. The sprint series of races in the greater metro-Boston area will begin in 2009 with the Cohasset Triathlon on 28 June. The remaining races of the series are scheduled for 26 July, The Marlborough Triathlon, and 9 […]

NETT Announces 2009 Triathlon Schedule

Time Out! Productions has released their initial schedule of events for the 2009 New England Triathlon Tour. The tentative calendar sets Hyannis Sprint I on 13 June, the Falmouth Sprint on 19 July, and Hyannis Sprint II on 12 September. The second sprint will serve as the make-up race for the hurricaned-out Sprint II of […]

No More Sitting!

Drs. Anderson and Finley of MECA gave a great presentation on the causes and prevention of back pain. Executive summary: 95+% of back pain is mechanical caused by improper posture (mostly while sitting) which in turn causes a posterior pelvic tilt and lengthens and weakens the soft tissues of the spine. MECA has developed an […]