Triathlon Training Extravaganza!

Ordinarily this weekend would signal the last of the season’s triathlon training sessions and even though it means the same this year, the extraordinarily high demand has caused us to put two events on the calendar this weekend.  On Saturday, we’ll start at Long Pond at 7:30AM – same rules of engagement apply as they […]

Beijing 2008

One week from now, the best in the world will descend on Beijing seeking citius, altius, fortius.  To keep track of everything that’s going on, try some of these resources: USAT&F Beijing 2008 info includes a full track & field schedule but not a lot of information on TV schedules yet.  The marathons are scheduled […]

Club Cookout! RSVP Now!

This year’s annual cookout will be held at the home of George and Roz Graeber in Orleans on the 23rd of August. If you plan on attending, please RSVP by 8 August at the latest to President Eck at 508.362.5328 or