Ordinarily this weekend would signal the last of the season’s triathlon training sessions and even though it means the same this year, the extraordinarily high demand has caused us to put two events on the calendar this weekend.  On Saturday, we’ll start at Long Pond at 7:30AM – same rules of engagement apply as they do to our other practice races: self-timed, self-supported, and you must be a CCAC member; buoys and lifeguards and someone to monitor the bikes will be supplied.  On Sunday, it’s really our last training race as we step into Long Pond at 8:00AM.  Do one or both – either way you’ll be ready for Sprint II next weekend.  For more information, e-mail ccac@cape.com.  We’ll see you there … and happy Labor Day!


cycleWarm up for the annual cookout by joining us for a run, bike or run/bike/run in Orleans on 23 August. We’ll have a half-marathon option, the old (or new) John Gray course, for all of those distance guys, a 5 mile loop for folks who want to feel like they earned the opportunity to eat all afternoon, and 25 mile and 50 mile (+/-) bike alternatives.  Meet at Nauset Middle School at 9:00am so you can be showered and changed in time for the cookout at 1:00pm. [For more information on the cookout, contact runecky@yahoo.com.] If you’d like more information or might be interested in a duathlon option that will start a little earlier, contact ccac@cape.com.


One week from now, the best in the world will descend on Beijing seeking citius, altius, fortius.  To keep track of everything that’s going on, try some of these resources:

Women’s Race – 17 August: Live on NBC, NBC-HD or NBCOlympics.com at 10:00pm ET, highlights on 18 August from 12:35am to 2:00am and in prime time.

Men’s Race – 18 August: Live on NBC, NBC-HD or NBCOlympics.com at 10:00pm ET, highlights on 19 August from 12:35am to 2:00am and in prime time.

  • … and of course, NBC has exclusive USA distribution rights and will be airing much of the games live on-line at NBCOlympics.com.  NBC affiliates and NBC-HD will be airing daily recaps at various times during the day.

Enjoy the games!


This year’s annual cookout will be held at the home of George and Roz Graeber in Orleans on the 23rd of August. If you plan on attending, please RSVP by 8 August at the latest to President Eck at 508.362.5328 or runecky@yahoo.com.



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