Track Session – 25 June 2008

It’s summer – that means that it’s probably hot and humid just about every time you go out the door and every training session is a chore. But it also means that racing season is in full swing. Since you’re getting a good race pace effort on the weekends already, we’ll enhance that training with some speed tuning. For optimal training of VO2Max and neuromuscular recruitment, you’ll want short work intervals separated by short rest intervals, a popular form of which is 30×30’s – or 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds jog/active rest. After a solid warmup, try 10 30×30’s. Cut the workout short if you find your 30 second work distance starting to slip, you feel muscles or tendons starting to tweak, or you just can’t do another. If you do cut it short, take heart – even the best in the world have trouble completing this workout.

Warmup: 10′
Workout: 10 x 30×30’s
Cooldown: 10′

Post-cooldown: plyo drills, form, power sprints

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