HEAT Dominates in the Heat

After a washout of Practice Triathlon I a few weeks ago (actually it was a delightful ride and run in the rain with Andy but that’s another story), the weather decided to tease us with August conditions for Practice Tri II. Temperatures in the high 80’s creeped slowly upwards as the day continued forcing us all to adapt our strategies accordingly. But the 50 degree water of Long Pond was welcome before … and especially after … something definitely not true on the day of Practice Tri I. We were honored to welcome David Dyson of the Connecticut HEAT who blazed the bike for a ‘win’ in 57:19. Several newcomers opted for shortened versions of the course just to get their feet wet, so to speak, and we look forward to seeing them on the roads and at the races this summer. Many thanks to Mark Snyder and the younger Scherding for supervising the swim course and of course, to Andy for setting it up and making sure we all got out of bed nice and early on a Sunday morning. If you’d like to share your splits or stories on the results page, please forward them to ccac@cape.com. Good luck on upcoming races and don’t forget Practice Tri III on July 13th. See you there!

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