Track Session – 4 June 2008

This week, as a follow-up to last week’s ladder, we’ll be introducing the stepdown. The stepdown is a half ladder designed to train your legs to move quickly when tired. As the workout progresses, the distances get shorter but the intensity and the speed increase so that as you fatigue, you’ll be concentrating on maintaining quick leg turnover and power output, critical training for that end-of-race kick. Rest intervals are long enough to recover from the session (remember that the physiological response to changes in load has a lag-time of about 35-45 seconds) but not so long that you’re completely recovered to rest. After completing the stepdown, we’ll focus on a couple of new drills and add some power drills, sure to help with the weekend’s 5K or 5 miler.

Warmup: 10′ easy CCW
Workout: stepdown – 1200, 800, 400, 200, 100 separated by 45 seconds easy jog
Cooldown: 10′ easy CCW

Post-cooldown: high-knees, skipping, leg swings, toe/heel, 50m launch w/ happy feet, line leap

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