Running holidays – Thanksgiving and Independence Day are becoming THE road racing holidays with a multitude of events for you to partake in. On the Cape and the Islands, our feature races for this year’s July 4th festivities are the Spirit of Sandwich 4th of July Road Race (3 miles and it’s free!) and the Firecracker 5K on Nantucket, directed by the club’s own Bob Laundry. On Saturday, visit the Vineyard for Murdick’s Run The Chop and on Sunday, tackle the hills out to Great Island at the venerable Wellfleet Road Race. If you just can’t tolerate racing on Cape Cod over the weekend of the 4th, our off-peninsula picks are the Mattapoisett Road Race or the Bridgton Maine 4 on the 4th. Whatever your choice, make it sparkle!


Heidi has put together a great weekly workout schedule for the summer, especially for those who need some work on their swimming.  On Tuesday mornings, meet at Schoolhouse Pond in Chatham at 7:00am for loops around the pond.  On Thursday evenings, join the group at the east end of Long Pond (the Cahoon Road Beach off of Long Pond Drive or Old Long Pond Road) at 4:30pm for a swim followed by an optional run.  On Saturday mornings, the Crowell’s Bog Road landing on Long Pond will play host to a practice triathlon beginning at 7:30am but these sessions won’t have lifeguards or equipment watchers; they are completely self-supporting.  For more information, contact Heidi at


The CCAC mixed team of Dawn Varnum, Karen Zunti, Brenda Conlan, Justin Neviackas, Bryan Hallas and Geof Newton claimed the course record and the overall win in the first CrazyLegz Cape Cod Relay, defeating the nearest team by over an hour in a combined time of 5:30:41. See complete results and photos.


It’s summer – that means that it’s probably hot and humid just about every time you go out the door and every training session is a chore. But it also means that racing season is in full swing. Since you’re getting a good race pace effort on the weekends already, we’ll enhance that training with some speed tuning. For optimal training of VO2Max and neuromuscular recruitment, you’ll want short work intervals separated by short rest intervals, a popular form of which is 30×30’s – or 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds jog/active rest. After a solid warmup, try 10 30×30’s. Cut the workout short if you find your 30 second work distance starting to slip, you feel muscles or tendons starting to tweak, or you just can’t do another. If you do cut it short, take heart – even the best in the world have trouble completing this workout.

Warmup: 10′
Workout: 10 x 30×30’s
Cooldown: 10′

Post-cooldown: plyo drills, form, power sprints


A heat wave will slow us down a little but not stop our workouts. For those doing a 5K this weekend, we’ll focus on some last minute speed tuning with a series of 200’s run at 15 seconds faster than 5K race pace. After 10-12 200’s, 5K race pace will be a breeze come the weekend. For those racing longer or not racing at all, we’ll play with an adjusted ladder this week: 200, 800, 400, 1000, 800, 1200 – and back down. The varying distances will get you used to appropriately apportioning your energy across surges, finish kicks and long attacks. Like any other ladder, make sure you conserve so that your last 200 is as fast as or faster than your first.

Warmup: 10′ easy
Workout A: 12 x 200m x 200m at 5K pace – 15s
Workout B: ‘play’ ladder – 200, 800, 400, 1000, 800, 1200, 800, 1000, 400, 800, 200 each separated by an equivalent rest or 400 for some of the longer intervals
Cooldown: 10′ easy

Post-cooldown: leg swings, butt flicks, high knees, leaps, line hops


If you’ve been looking to try a relay stage race but don’t want to travel too far or do the overnight bit, here’s your chance. Genesis Adventures is producing a 60 mile relay for teams of 4-6 runners on the 21st of June. The race will run the bike trail from Dennis to Wellfleet and back with a short excursion through Nickerson State Park. It’ll be (mostly) flat, fast and fun … so grab a bunch of friends and signup now!


After a washout of Practice Triathlon I a few weeks ago (actually it was a delightful ride and run in the rain with Andy but that’s another story), the weather decided to tease us with August conditions for Practice Tri II. Temperatures in the high 80’s creeped slowly upwards as the day continued forcing us all to adapt our strategies accordingly. But the 50 degree water of Long Pond was welcome before … and especially after … something definitely not true on the day of Practice Tri I. We were honored to welcome David Dyson of the Connecticut HEAT who blazed the bike for a ‘win’ in 57:19. Several newcomers opted for shortened versions of the course just to get their feet wet, so to speak, and we look forward to seeing them on the roads and at the races this summer. Many thanks to Mark Snyder and the younger Scherding for supervising the swim course and of course, to Andy for setting it up and making sure we all got out of bed nice and early on a Sunday morning. If you’d like to share your splits or stories on the results page, please forward them to Good luck on upcoming races and don’t forget Practice Tri III on July 13th. See you there!

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