Today’s session will feature fartlek which is Swedish for speed play.  After a short warmup, a whistle blow will signal the start of a hard effort and another blow on the whistle will signal the end.  You won’t know how long the work intervals or rest intervals will be so you’ll have to judge accordingly.  This is a great way to get your body ready for the uneven demands of tactical road and cross-country racing.  When you pass the next person ahead will they respond and try to counter-attack or will they let you pass by?  Will you be able to counter a surge by someone coming up from behind … and how long will you have to maintain that higher tempo?

Warmup: 10-15′ easy
Session: on the whistle – approximately 30-90s hard, 60-120s recovery
Cooldown: 10-15′ easy

Strides, form, pony, kick throughs, knee-ups, foot taps.


Entry forms for the 2008 Falmouth Road Race will be posted on the race website beginning tomorrow through May 10th.  Applications must be received by May 15th to be considered for entry. More …


Our list of Cape Cod participants in this year’s Boston Marathon has been updated with finishing times and places. Congratulations to all of this year’s successful veterans of the Hopkinton to Beantown journey!


This week, we’ll go back to longer intervals with shorter rest periods in order to build endurance strength in preparation for those May 5 milers that are coming up.  In order to accustom you to target race pace for a 5 mile race, run the repeats at 10K race pace – 10 seconds.  Afterwards, we’ll introduce some plyometric techniques to increase power output and add a little spring to your step.

Warmup: 10′ easy
Session: 4 x 1000m x 400m @ 10K race pace – 10 seconds
Cooldown: 10′ easy

Strides, drills, plyo …


Starting on Saturday, April 19th, EMS in Hyannis will be sponsoring a weekly trail run through the Hathaway’s Pond trails starting at 8AM.  Runs will be 3-5 miles depending upon how many miles you’d like to get in for the day.  On the 19th, all participants get a free pair of socks – and then, get a free pair of socks for every 3 runs that you participate in.  Contact Eric Johnson (508.362.8690) at the Hyannis EMS for more information.


I won’t be at the track this week but that doesn’t mean that you get out of a workout!  For anyone running Boston, you should be in the final days of your taper so keep the volume light, 3-5 miles max, but keep your intensity high – 100m gliders like we did a few weeks ago are perfect for the final few days of your taper.  For those not running Boston but focusing on the slew of 5K’s and 5 mile races coming up in the next few weeks, we’ll continue our longer efforts with 7-10 800’s separated by full rest.  We’ll be slowly shortening the rest intervals over the next few weeks as we get closer to target races but for now, make sure your heart rate comes back down to baseline and that you’re fully rested and relaxed for the next speed interval.  The 800’s should be run at your target 5K pace … and remember to allocate your effort over the number of reps.  Your last should be the fastest – if you can’t hold on to the pace through your speed interval, it’s time to call it a day.

Warmup: 10-15′ easy
> running Boston: 10-15 100m striders – 1st four @ marathon pace (MP), 2nd four @ 5K pace, 3rd four @ MP
> not running Boston: 7-10 800m @ 5K race pace with full recovery (400m minimum)
Cooldown: 10-15′ easy

See you in a week!


Now that we’ve had a couple of introductory weeks, it’s time to get down to some serious work.  We’ll be focusing on building strength over the next few weeks and as we move into local racing season in May and June, we’ll supplement the weekly racing with some faster paced training to boost and maintain leg speed.  This week, 1200’s (or miles if you’re up to that challenge) run at 10K pace (or no more than 5 seconds faster) will get you ready for the longer threshold demands of 5 mile and 10K races.  As we move through subsequent weeks, we’ll reduce the length of the run interval and decrease the amount of rest until we’re simulating a race.

Warmup: 10-15′ clockwise – easy
Session: 3 x 1200m x full recovery (400-800m)
Cooldown: 10-15′ clockwise – easy
Session 2: Introduction to hills

Post-cooldown: 5 x 100m strides, basic form drills (high knees, skipping, leg swings, butt flicks)



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