CCAC Annual Awards Banquet Honors Cape Athletes – 26 January 2008

     Over 100 Cape Cod Athletic Club members turned out for the annual awards banquet this year at Chatham Bars Inn on Saturday, January 26th.  Ably conducted by president Bob Eckerson, the night featured a Johnny Kelley reminiscence by Bill Coulter followed by a short video produced by the BAA.  Honored for his recent performances and his commitment to the club and its activities, Joe Navas won the coveted 2008 Johnny Kelley Award.  Awards were presented to all age group winners for the 2007-2008 Winter Grand Prix series and special (and not-so-special) performances were recognized by Grand Prix scorekeeper Geof Newton.  The awards presentations were capped by the announcement of the induction of the first class to the Cape Cod Athletic Club Hall Of Fame.  A plaque with all Hall of Fame members’ names was unveiled.  It will be displayed at Hanlons Shoes of Hyannis in a special display area donated by store owner Kevin Petrovek.  Dancing followed a wonderful meal and filling dessert and commingling continued until almost midnight when the DJ was finally dragged from the room.  Much of the party then adjourned to the rented rooms of the Hunting Lodge under the watchful eye of Bill Ferguson where revelers went to sleep just in time to get up for the Day After Run, a tour of the Chatham Harbor Run course which started in a light snow and a brisk northeast wind at the refreshing hour of 8:30AM.  After the run, everyone enjoyed Sunday brunch at CBI and then headed home to begin a long taper to Sunday’s Super Bowl XLII.

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[Hall of Fame Inductees] [Photos]

Special Winter Grand Prix Recognitions


I Can’t Believe I Have To Race Against Joe

All of the M3539 age group but especially Shawn MacInnes who hit the line 2nd to Joe in every race that he ran in except, of course, when he netted a 10 in the race that Joe didn’t run.

I Wish There Was One More Race

Paul Hufnagel

Ray Joseph

Lindsay Edwards

(All winners dominated their age groups with 1st place finishes in every race they ran but unfortunately they didn’t meet the minimum number of required races.)

The Best Dance Moves on YouTube

Joe Weinberger

Iron Runners

Susan Lowry

Mary Ellen Doran

Sharyn Greenleaf

Donna Blackman

Terry Dooley

Janet Kelly

Shawn MacInnes

Steve McKenna

Steven Xiarhos

John Demarest

John Martin

Tom Nally

Bob Eckerson

Dick Doran

Bill Masterson

Joe Weinberger

Wes Chadbourne

Dave Farrell

Rob Kadunc

(An amazing 19 athletes completed all 6 races this year and earn the 2008 Iron Runner bragging rights!)

Still Truckin’

Rich Lohse

Charlene Sellars

Joanne Creel

Dwight Pfundstein

(These competitors really stretched their money as they spent 2-3 times the amount of time that most people spent on the course. By the time they finished, everyone else was in washed, changed, fed and ready to leave.)

I Like Florida

Wes Chadbourne

( … who finally won the 70+ age group by virtue of Bill Riley heading south for the winter.)


The Blue World

Steve Xiarhos and all the members of the Yarmouth Police Department that he dragged along with him

(We especially like having the YPD blue running the streets with us … and making sure we don’t get shut down because we didn’t inform the local town fathers or gendarmerie about our little fun runs!)

"Good" Sportsmanship

Everyone who stopped at the chain crossings at Joe Navas’ race in Eastham and let someone else traverse the chain ahead of them … and especially those who stopped twice.  You know who you are!

(We frown on good sportsmanship at the Grand Prix – kicking, biting, tripping, clawing are the only way to win precious GP points … so special mention should be made of Cathy Whitelaw who shouted, "Out of my way!" and proceeded to hurdle all the chains as if she were running the 400 highs!)

The Minimalist

Karen Zunti

(She came, she ran her four races, got her 40 points, and we didn’t see her again.  Alright, she got sick … but she still got the highest score with the minimum amount of stress and cost!)


Cheryl Falletti

(Completely unchallenged in her age group, she could have spent several days on course and still have logged 10’s across the board.)

The Most Consistent

Martha Edwards – – 4.08

David McCrossin – – 4.92

(PIH points varied the least amongst all the races.  Any time these folks show up, you know exactly what they’re going to run.)

Wish You Were Here

Lucy Duffy

Russ Hubler & Family

Skip Michaelson

(Common faces at the Grand Prix, we missed these folks this year and hope they’re running fast!)

The Longest Commute

Tom McIntosh – – CT

The Most Erratic

Richard Lohse – – 98.02

Marcia Duggan – – 52.88

(You never knew what these people were going to run.  Richard won by virtue of one shorted course and one extra-distance walk.)

Age Graded

Joe Navas

Brenda Conlan

(After adjusting times based on 2001 WAVA age-grading tables, these folks came out at the top of the heap.)

The Perfect Game

Susan Lowry

John Martin

Bill Masterson

Dave Farrell

(60 total points, 1st place in their divisions for every race, these runners dominated their groups and were still able to walk after the Grand Prix wrapped.)

Overall Points Leaders

Joe Navas – – 4102

Susan Lowry – – 3530

(Awarding both performance and attendance, these racers topped the charts.  Each was awarded a special commemorative jersey.)


Annual Awards Banquet Award Recipients


Speed – Involvement – Sportsmanship


Age Group Runners of the Year


20-39 Open

Joe Navas

Karen Zunti

40-49 Master

Geof Newton

Susan Lowry

50-59 Senior

Gene Cormier

Janet Kelly

60-69 Veteran

Adam Ross
  Martha Edwards
70+ Super Veteran Bill Riley
  Lucy Duffy


The Most Improved

Paul Hufnagel

Connie Worgan

The Comeback Award

Sean Doherty

Bill Masterson

Cathy Whitelaw

The Ultra Award

Pete Stringer

The Multi-Sport Award

Wayne Nichols

Amy Doherty

The Runner of the Year

Bill Riley

Jane Lovelette

The Appreciation Award

Bob Edwards

Andy Scherding

Joanne Creel

The Special Achievement Award

Steve Edwards

The Scotty Carter Volunteer Award

Tom & Pat Nally

The Johnny Kelley Award

Joe Navas



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