President’s Message – April 2006

from John Worgan

November 2004 – April 2006. It’s gone quickly. A couple of marathons, a Johnny Kelley, a couple of grand prix’s, and two banquets later, “poof” it’s over.

I rewrite this epistle – as of last night, my tenure as president of the CCAC becomes part of history. Robert Clarence “Ecky” Eckerson becomes our new leader and I can’t think of a better person for the job. As Bill Ferguson put it, “it’s about time we had a real athlete represent us.” How true. Not only one of the more accomplished runners, how many of us can boast (he does not) that we have completed Ironman races, ultra-marathons and all the other races and training involved and still is prospering, now in a second career, and has a happy wife at home. Joanne, you’re a saint.

As I look back over the past year and a half, I can truthfully say it’s been a fun ride. Past presidents all have made the journey pain free and smooth. The membership has been awesome in responding to my call for volunteers to help in the scheduled races. It’s a dedicated crew that will stand for up to six hours on a winter day, directing traffic, runners and onlookers when you could have been slip-sliding away on your own – or relaxing at home reading about the results the next day. I’ll not forget Franco’s Bloody Mary gathering at the corner of Hawes Avenue nor will the runners and others who found their way to the brownies and tomato juice cocktails. Thank you Liz and Liz for surviving out near the end of the race and cheering the end of the pack lo those many hours alone out there. How about Jane Lovelette banging fenders with surly drivers who had to drive five hours to get home? How about running five hours you jerk?

I especially want to thank all those who have helped with the Grand Prix over the past few years: Bob Edwards, Paul Masterson, the Nally’s, Evyn and Geof Newton.

Two new knees and other medical additions have curtailed greatly my limited running talents but my involvement with the CCAC allowed me to continue an association with persons of all athletic abilities and notoriety on an even keel. Runners are wonderful people.

I may be out but not down. We’ll see you at Campari’s, the next meeting, or the roads and certainly at the Last Gasp Grand Prix at the top of the hill.

Thanks everyone.

~ John

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