President’s Message – October 2001

by Joe Weinberger

Another successful club year has come and gone.  With the upcoming elections on Nov. 7th, I have decided not to run for president.  I have served as your president for a total of 4 years which just so happens to be the longest anyone has held the position.  After completing my first two years, I declined to run and Sean Doherty stepped up and served admirably for one year.  Since Sean chose not to continue, I again was elected for two more years.  It’s now time for me to move on and make way for a new leader who has a passion for running and the club.

In 1996, Joe Barr and I decided to run for club president and VP.  After being elected, we agreed to be Co-presidents and share the responsibility, work and the fun of running the clubs activities.

We were full of ideas and energy.  We wanted to renew the club spirit.  To make the club open to all athletes of all abilities and have fun doing it.  To bring the club’s finances up from the low point they were at.  To create a new, more informed and professional newsletter.  And maybe create a web-site for the new world of computers.  I believe we have accomplished most of what we had intended.  After Joe died tragically in October of 1997, I was filled with sadness from losing my best friend.  I then committed myself to making the club the best I could with what ever I had to offer.  I’m most proud of the following things that have been accomplished all of which could not have been done without the help of numerous club members who gave their time and expertise so generously over and over again.  Thank you all.

  1. Financially sound treasury throughout my terms in office.
  2. A larger updated first class newsletter with Loraine Smith.
  3. Created a club web-site.  First with Jeff Ernst, then Geof Newton.
  4. All time high club membership.
  5. Record number participants at the club Grand Prix series, as well as more Grand Prix races.
  6. Started Sunday morning fun runs from Johnny Kelley Park.
  7. Tuesday night Chatham Harbor runs initiated by Bob Smith and Mike Naughton.
  8. Polar Bear Swim & Dash.
  9. Club meetings with informed guest speakers and refreshments.
  10. Annual Picnic barbecue and Joe Barr Memorial softball game.
  11. Lastly but perhaps most importantly, thousands of dollars donated to numerous charities, scholarships and athletic programs in the local community.

In closing, it’s been a pleasure being the president for so long.  What I will take with me are the friendships that were made, the laughs, and the camaraderie that runners have for each other.  Keep on running and I will always be available to help the club whenever I can.  Keep on smiling for every day is a gift.


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