CCAC Member Results: August 2001

Khoury’s 4.13M Somerville, MA, August 30, 2001 =================================================================== Steve Vaitones Waltham, MA 31:20 Hockomock Swamp Rat Summer Series Brockton, MA, August 29, 2001 =================================================================== 25 Doran Dick Pembroke 45:36 26 Scott Tom Pembroke 45:37 31 Nally Tom Dennis 45:53 55 Wallan Peter Sharon 46:30 Coby’s Run 5 & 10K Scitutate, MA, August 26, 2001 =================================================================== […]

Teaching An Old Course New Tricks

After a while, grinding out the miles on your tried and true neighborhood courses makes getting excited for a run on even your most favorite course virtually impossible.  As the leaves on the few deciduous trees on the Cape begin to change color and leap from the trees, here are a few ideas on how […]

Taking the leap …

It is with some trepidation that I’ve finally undertaken the onerous task of purchasing a “real” bicycle.  For the past several years at the local sprint triathlons, although I manage to hold my own fairly well on my 1970’s bike, I’ve always been passed by the fast riders of the wave that starts after us.  […]